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Jul 2, 2011 5:00pm PDT
against those in your district. >> we definitely have a few big projects for issues -- or issues we're paying a lot of attention to and we will continue to devote a lot of attention to, both myself and my staff. one of biggest ones is the planned development of the new campus for california and pacific medical center. that has dominated a lot of city-wide dialogue in the past few years. that project is slated to go forward or get through the entitlement process this year in city hall. if you are not familiar, we currently have a california campus and a pacific campus, and the plan is to build a bigger campus and consolidate those services into one larger hospital at the old cathedral hill spa on van ness, and that is going to have a huge impact, both in terms of the neighborhood in district 2, not only the new campus, but what happens to the pacific and california campus. also, is a huge job creator. we're making sure to do it in a way to we have every constituent buy into the project, create a ton of new jobs, and move forward with a health care system that benefits all of us. othe
Jul 1, 2011 9:00pm PDT
or big business. you had a lot of candidates on an even keel. what i felt quickly was the strategy to being successful was to build coalitions, and also to approach your communication in a multi land will approach. in my district, it is one of the most ethnically diverse parts of san francisco. we incorporated that. my campaign team was diverse. i had seniors. i had young people. i had different types of volunteers. i had folks that could speak chinese, spanish, someoan, all reaching out to bring people in. there is a certain level of malta and -- of momentum that help people. i would never ask my volunteers to do something i was not willing to do. we were at the bus stop at the morning handing out literature. i think that is critical, to bring into city hall that, yes, i am elected to lead, but more importantly to serve. that is my number one focus point. i am here to serve. when you call me, i am at 4 service. >> what about issues facing san francisco, facing your district, and how you are going to balance the needs of san francisco at large against the needs of your district? >>
Jul 18, 2011 11:00am PDT
it was a big studio movie. when i was just a filmmaker-- you know, when we were just filmmakers on our own trying to do this-- i know that the m.p.a.a. is illegal. i know it is. i know if someone was to challenge on legal grounds, it's basically a cartel setting up rules. the big guys get to set up the rules. even the little guys have to follow, but they have no say. what did you have to lose to get south park in the theaters? well, we ended up--every time they said, "cut this," we would put something back in that was worse. (parker) they made the movie worse. there's no question. they made that movie raunchier and raunchier. and here's the fascinating thing. here's what it all came down to. so now we're a week away. we're a week away from the movie coming out, and it's still an nc-17. you know, we've done this give and take, but we really kept just making it worse and worse, 'cause they just made us angry. and, um, finally, scott rudin, the producer from paramount-- (stone) there was one joke. i can't remember what it was. and we called up and said, we are not cutting this joke. i don't c
Jul 18, 2011 7:00am PDT
appropriate. >> the other big shock is that the moderates seem to have won this round. people thought, progressives have themselves on the board. there is no reason that they will not get together and take a noted leader who is a progressive to be interim mayor, and then stayed there for another term. the great thing about being in term mayor is to get to run as an incumbent. the fact that the progressives could not get together to get somebody into office as interim mayor in their own self-interest was very surprising for a lot of us. >> what happened in the last month in city hall was an incredible show of democracy that was part policy, part politics, and it all came together, and more than anything -- not just from a reporter's perspective, often was this? but there was a public interest as well on what was going on in san francisco government. we take it for granted a law that there is a city government here. this was something that brought people together. you heard people talking about it at the cafes, park playground, people who do not always pay attention. in that $0.10, it w
Jul 26, 2011 11:00pm PDT
appropriate. >> the other big shock is that the moderates seem to have won
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)